Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Under Control to Prevent Limited Aerobic Capacity!


Hyperglycemic Mice

Hyperglycemia Makes It Hard to Improve Your Aerobic Capacity, New Research Finds!

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The research team has identified a reduced effect of aerobic exercise in people with chronic hyperglycemia, also known as higher-than-normal levels of blood sugar. This occurs when the levels of blood sugar are within a prediabetes range. Before conducting human clinical tests, Prof. Sarah Lessard, the senior investigator of the study, and her team made tests on mouse models. The aim was to see if induced high blood sugar levels can impair mice’s ability to increase their aerobic capacity. The researchers divided the mice into two groups. They offered the first one a Western Diet rich in sugar and saturated fats, and gave the second group a diet that contains less sugar and fat. The first group of mice became hyperglycemic and has put on extra pounds. Although the second group didn’t gain weight, it acquired hyperglycemia due to modifications that led them to release low amounts of insulin.

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