Red Flag Signs of Brain Tumors You Should Know


Beware of these brain tumor symptoms most people ignore

While most people believe that brain tumors cause severe headaches and migraines, these are not the most common early signs of the disease. If you wonder about the cause of brain tumors, Schwartz reveal that generic disorders may be the reason behind this. Yet, the majority of tumors show in people without any determined risk or predisposition. Nobody is immune to brain tumors, but children and adults over the age of 60 are more prone to tumor formation. Contrary to common assumptions, cell phones are not a major risk factor. This is nothing but a myth that has no scientific foundations. To treat a brain tumor, doctors retreat to many options, like surgery, medications, radiation and chemotherapy. But you should know that not all brain tumors are life-threatening. Some are totally benign and don’t even require any treatment. Do you happen to have any of these symptoms?

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Nobody likes the “T” word. A tumor or neoplasm is an abnormal mass of tissue that’s either benign or malignant. Brain tumors, in particular, claim so many lives on a yearly basis. Here are the most common warning signs of brain tumors you should watch out for:

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