6 Reasons Why You Should Eat Beetroots


7Surprising Benefits of Beets

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Nutritionists are confused if they should categorize beetroots, or commonly known as beets, as vegetables or fruits. Whatever they are, these plants are known for their delicious taste and vital nutrients. You can eat them both as vegetables and fruits in order to benefit from all their amazing nutrients, including magnesium, vitamin c, phosphorus, vitamin B6, iron, etc.

This article lists 6 of the health benefits of beets.





  1. I cut the tops off of 6 fresh beets and placed them into the microwave with 6 large sweet potatoes for 15 minutes. The beet juice was at the bottom of the glass bowl and I mixed it into the the sweet potatoes. Just those two ingredients. Beets are of The Sugar Beet family and let me tell you that these combination was delicious.

    • Microwave ovens render food nutritionally dead and change your blood negatively. Dont take my word but do the research. Very unhealthy. Juice your beets, they are lovely with carrot and apple and you obtain all the nutrients. Good luck

  2. If you shouldn’t boil beets, how do you cook them to maintain the nitrates? I guess you could bake them. BUT microwaving them is not a good option. I remember a clinic in the Bahamas that attracted patients who were considered terminally ill. They fed them lots of raw juices and lightly steamed vegetables and saved almost every one. They got very busy and added some microwaves to speed up the steaming of vegetables and suddenly their patients started dying. They had a panic meeting and the only thing that had changed was adding microwaves, they stopped using them and stopped losing patients. I stopped using microwaves. Dr. V. Morton

  3. Coat the beet roots with extra virgin olive oil. Optionally sprinkle a little thyme on them. Then roast them at 425 degrees until they’re tender (usually 10 to 20 minutes, depending on their size.

    Beet greens are also awesome. Steam them in a little chicken stock or broth along with some fresh chopped garlic.

    Serve them with a portion of grilled fish or chicken breast and you have a delicious healthy meal


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