7 Signs That Your Body Desperately Needs More Iodine


8Here is How Consuming More Iodine Could Save Your Life

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Iodine is a very important mineral that can be found in salt, a variety of foods, and dietary supplements. Research has shown that approximately 1/3 of the worldwide population suffers from iodine deficiency. This is because some people believe that the healthy thing to do is to avoid eating any sort of salty foods.



However, you might be shocked to learn that iodine deficiency can actually cause various heart disorders, and even cancer! In this article, we have decided to present you with the most common signs of iodine deficiency. Keep in mind that early detection of this condition can prevent you from developing some serious, life-threatening diseases.




  1. Good Morning,
    This article 7 Signs that your Body Desperately Needs more Iodine is very informative.It has really helped to make aware of the conditions if there is insufficient Iodine in the body.

  2. VERY INFORMATIVE!!! I think I have all of the ailments on this site. I do know I am going to check out my brain tumor. Diagnosed several years ago with a meningeoma. sp)….And told that it certainly looked to be benign.
    but..have developed hand tremors, dropping items frequently, leg numbness, etc. I named the tumor Waldo…a male name because I have
    decided it is male oriented…you know..the kind that just sits around and doesn’t do any thing except aggravate….

  3. I’m not sure if I consume enough iodine or not. My husband and I had high iodine levels in our blood work, which is highly unusual. I’m wondering if the lab was having a technical issue or what. I don’t know how my husband and I BOTH had HIGH iodine levels. Has anyone else had this problem? The symphony’s of high and low iodine ARE THE SAME. I would really appreciate any responses of people that may be having the same dilemma! We have NEVER taken any iodine supplements, only used pink Himalayan salt, and eat very little seafood! Signed, Very Confused Barbara


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