A Clove of Garlic May Be the Solution to All Your Sleep Issues


5A Garlic Trick You Should Try Tonight!

Put a Clove of Garlic Under Your Pillow Every Night

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Garlic is a powerhouse that has been vastly used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. So, incorporating garlic into your diet plan is bound to confer amazing health benefits. As far as folk stories go, it has long been credited as a deterrent to insects, vampires and evil spirits.

Amazingly, garlic is also used as an old folk cure for insomnia. Indeed, its allicin content generates a relaxing effect that helps you nod off fast at night. While this may sound strange, many people swear by it.





    • So, do not leave any cloves of garlic under your pillow when you’re not in bed. A clove of garlic is enough to make your furry friend sick. Be that as it may, placing a clove of garlic under your bed at night is the most effective sleep aid. THIS IS FROM THIS ARTICLE.

  1. I think I’ll skip this. I think the garlic should go in another room as far from the bed as possible.

  2. Years ago I had a relationship with a female who would drink garlic blended in water. She would also put this concoction in her hair. I did drink it 1 time and very soon went outside to vomit it out. I conclude she did have mental problems. She did have prescriptions and I looked it up. She did not take those pills.
    I also gave my flea invested cat some garlic and brewer’s yeast. I watched her and did not act differently. She did like the brewer’s yeast and licked it from my fingers. There was about 50/50 % opinion as to feeding cats garlic. With that food and other processes, the fleas were history.


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