A Mother of Two Finds a Natural Solution to Combat the Coronavirus!


7Nature Always Has a Solution; You Just Have to Know Where to Look!

One bottle of botanical oils is able to fight viruses

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As of the moment, the coronavirus has infected more than 200 thousand people all around the world. And these numbers are expected to soar in the upcoming weeks.

Biological researchers are currently striving to developan effective vaccine against the coronavirus. However, a Florida-based mother took it upon herself to find the solution to this global pandemic. She swears by this all-natural product to fight different kinds of infections, including this virulent virus.





  1. What they fail to tell you is hundreds of thousands out how many a Billion People I take those odds any day of get a virus flu which it nothing more.
    I think President Trump team do a dam good job of keeping it from rapidly spreading. 330 million and Americans and less than 0001% have gotten the flu or die from it????

    • They have but, there also needs to have ending point. I as as a small self -employee are rapidly running out of money. I don’t want a government hand out. I want to go back to work. Why am millions of Americans being punished with this virus, in my sixty years this government shut down on a virus has never occurred. Enough of this crap!

  2. Fredrick Rodriguez, you & James Hoffman could be right; They give you the ingredients & name yet, where to purchase & Price; NADA! NOTHING! ZILCH!

  3. put those essential oils together yourselves using Now Essential Oils they are a good brand and less expensive.

    • That web site doesn’t sell the product as one you have buy each individual oil and put together Pricy

  4. Really, I wasted my time diligently reading through this article to the end, only to have no answer to, “what is this oil” What is this oil? This is really ridiculous. Did this mother forget to tell the most important question on each of us minds?

  5. My sons girlfriend swears by these essential oils mixed together. She even washes her was with a mixture of them to sanitize. Very healthy people!!!!

  6. Total Defense Immunity Blend contains cinnamon, clove, lemon, lime, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint, and oregano oils.
    This is from this website.


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