Wonderful Benefits Of Honey You Never Knew Before


7Have You Ever Used Honey For These Purposes?

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Honey has been used as food and medicine for ages. It is rich in various plant compounds and provides many health benefits. Honey is absolutely the best choice to replace refined sugar. There are many types of honey, depending on the flowers used by bees to produce this marvelous natural sweetener. However, all the types of honey have the same nutritious value, as long as they are natural.


Following are five surprising and different ways you can use honey.



  1. The most surprising thing about honey was the sleep melatonin effect. I take one melatonin pill before bedtime. It helps me to stay asleep. So I am going to try one tablespoon of raw honey right before bedtime.

  2. What surprised me is that Diabetics can have honey in moderation, and all the good health benefits it has.
    Thank you..

  3. It was new to me that a spoonful of honey before bed can help you drop pounds! It boosts your metabolism!
    Sounds great! I was wondering just what size spoon this article was recommending????
    I have used honey for injuries before but not for promoting sleep…. I am going to give that a try !

  4. That honey was helpful in promoting good sleep was new to me. Am going to try these ideas in my efforts to be more healthy. And, while moderation is important, because of its high sweetness it is not as likely to be over used as many other sweetners. Just use good reason and judgement.

  5. Try honey with roasted almonds and a few Goji berries….. yummmmy… just ate a few…..@ breakfast time before breakfast….

  6. A reminder when giving honey to children. Be sure they have swallowed it before lying down as honey is thick and can cause choking. It has happened to me.

  7. That it could help with healing, that it could help you sleep I maybe get 4 hours of sleep, its been that way most of my adult life.

  8. what suprised me the most , is the use of honey in your hair , kinda cool if it works , thank you for the info , the best honey is manuca honey from imported from new sealland is very strong and it heald my of diabetic ulcer , in 2 days had pink skin , ok everyone have a great day , if you use honey on your woonds make sure you change the bandage everyday ok , ok everyone have a great day .

  9. I love honey. In fact 25 years ago, I had a bad knee since a motorcycle accident 35 years ago. I played a lot of tennis, still do, but then, after 2 sets at the most, I had to stop because of my knee. I read somewhere about taking honey and apple cider vinegar I’m a glass of water. I started doing that religiously for 8 months. Voila, not only did it completely fixed my knee problem, but also my horrible allergies, the later not a 100 percent, but enough that I could sleep and breath better than ever.
    I unfortunately can’t eat honey anymore as much as before, since my cholesterol test came back high in triglycerides due mainly to my intake of honey in place of sugar. That was my cardiologist first question, do you eat honey? Is very sad, because even though I have not completely stop eating honey, I have to keep it to a minimum, so it’s not totally true that you can replace sugar with honey which just like everybody, I thought I could. Nevertheless, if you don’t have that problem, keep eating honey, it is great for you

  10. I knew some of this information about Honey, but really surprised me was its use for allegories, and using Honey from the area when a person lives is a very good point. I am going to be using more Honey myself after this article.

  11. Today I drove by a roadside stand that sells local honey. I actually drive by it every day on my way to work and back. Today I had the thought that I should actually stop and buy some of this local honey one of these days. Then this article shows up in my email, how cool! So many great ways to use it!

  12. If this article read in full by others than a lot of individuals will try honey before bed for weight loss.

  13. Have used Honey on my Pancakes and Waffles for years. The Honey don’t bring you down like syrup does and it does help me sleep better.


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