Avoid Doing These Toilet Mistakes at All Costs


7Never Do These Things in the Bathroom

Stop Doing These Things in the Bathroom

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There are certain things that you can do on the toilet, such as responding to your messages, reading something you have planned to read earlier, and things you should never do, such as sitting too long and flushing the toilet paper. You didn’t know about that?



Here is a list of six things you are probably doing the wrong way on the toilet.




  1. The main reason for not flushing wet wipes is that they clog up the waste treatment facilities.

  2. You mentioned not flushing wet wipes, which is never good for the toilet system, but in the last paragraph you intermix tissue paper and toilet paper as other items not to flush. Toilet paper is specifically designed to breakdown in water in just a few minutes. Facial tissue can break down, but may take a bit longer and can cause a backup. The lead in to the story was regarding flushing toilet paper, which is what caught my attention. The story was not really about what the title stated. Not completely unrelated information, but more of a list of hodgepodge information.


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