Finding the right hair dryer


It’s not easy to find a reliable and efficient hair dryer through the maze of options available to us. We list the points to consider when buying.

The key criteria
Power. There are two categories of hair dryer motors on the market. The DC motor (direct current), for domestic use, has a lifespan of 300 to 400 hours, and the AC motor (alternating current), for professional use, guarantees 700 to 1000 hours of use. Of course, a hair dryer with an AC motor is more expensive. If you have long, thick hair and blow-dry every day, the investment is justifiable. Otherwise, the DC motor suffices for the task.

The composition. We prefer motors made of ceramic alloy because this material diffuses a maximum of heat without being a conductor of electricity. Unlike iron or metal, ceramic reduces static electricity in the hair. Indispensable in winter, and essential if you have very long hair.

Temperature. We also opt for a device capable of diffusing hot air AND cold air. The heat allows you to shape the styling as you wish, while the coolness cools the hair, smoothes its scales, and ensures the hold of the hairstyle.

The air thrust. A good dryer also has knobs to adjust the airflow. It’s especially useful when we share our dryer with our man (who needs little wind to dry his short hair ), or when we like to change hairstyles (to curl, the flow must be at a minimum, and to straighten, at most).

The end cap and the rear grill. These parts are essential. The removable nozzle concentrates the air on the chosen strand, which reduces drying time by 30 to 40%. The rear grille, meanwhile, filters the air of its dust, thus preventing the hair from becoming streaked with residue. If the grid can be unscrewed, it will be easier to clean, which must be done regularly, otherwise, it will clog and the air thrust will lose power.

Thread. So that we can reach the back of his skull, and dry his hair over its entire length, the power supply wire must measure at least two meters. Optional features
Ions. This is an option to consider when you have coarse hair,

Ergonomics. The lighter a dryer, the less powerful its motor. The purchase of a featherweight device is therefore only valid if you have weakened wrists. And if you have sweaty hands, the non-slip sleeves are very appropriate.

The purchase
The price and the retailers. You have to spend between $60 and $100 for a dryer to perform well and last at least five years. And it’s not just the business of hair salons. Many devices meeting the criteria set out above are sold in pharmacies, electrical appliance shops, or department stores. Some trusted brands: are Remington, Babyliss, Conair, CHI, and T3.


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