Hair styling: shopping for a flat iron


We select our flat iron as we do for our hairdresser: with the greatest care! Some advice to make an informed choice adapted to your hair.

If you haven’t already, we should include a flat iron in our styling arsenal. A few years ago, flat iron was used for one thing only: straightening hair. According to hairdresser Gérald Bélanger, this era is long gone and we should not hesitate to use it to style our hair.

On long or mid-length hair, you can get both a very defined look and a more casual look,” explains the Belfor Beauté salon expert. For a more structured style, we will apply to slide our iron well on medium-sized locks, And above all, we do not neglect the tip!

On the other hand, for a casual look, our consulted hairdresser recommends that we wrap the wick around the iron and pull it, giving it a serpentine shape. To obtain the appearance of naturally curly hair, care is taken to alternate the waving of the strands: a strand turned inwards, then a strand rolled outwards. You can reproduce this hairstyle easily if you have a flat iron with rounded edges – a model that was not available on the market a few years ago.

Last advice from our expert: let’s protect our hair!

It is important to use a thermal protector type treatment to protect our hair from heat and give it maximum shine. We then ask our hairdresser to recommend a treatment that will suit our hair type, or we explore the aisles of supermarkets or pharmacies. Indeed, the choice is not lacking for this type of product.

A good flat iron: is the essential condition for a successful hairstyle!

No point in dreaming about metamorphosis if you don’t have a good flat iron in hand. Here are some criteria to consider before choosing our new iron.

  • The materials

Most flat irons are made of one or more of these materials: ceramic, tourmaline, and nano titanium, the latest on the market. If the three materials are equal, it seems that the latter retains and distributes heat more efficiently, which surely explains its popularity.

  • Temperature

According to Jade St-Laurent, of the recognized house of hair products Chalut, it is the type of hair that should guide the required temperature. “Women with fine hair can use a flat iron that heats up around 400°F. However, black and Asian women, whose hair is very dense, would benefit from choosing an iron that can reach up to 450°F”, mentions the representative. Either way, make your choice on an iron whose temperature you can adjust and, above all, do some testing. No need to overheat and attack the hair with an iron that is too hot.

  • The weight and format: half an inch, an inch, or an inch and a half

No more irons with heavy and wide plates. The new irons are lightweight and the plates are no longer than an inch and a half. Ms. Christiane Malouin, the principal buyer at the Center du Rasoir, points out that customers are looking for long irons. “This allows you to take larger strands while allowing it to be used on short hair or long hair,” she says. Let it be said, the use of flat iron is no longer reserved for Madame! The flat iron must now meet the needs of the whole family.

Flat irons: friendly advice

In some hair salons and stores, such as the Center du Rasoir, they will let you try out a hairdresser’s iron or the demo irons. It’s a good way to gauge if the grip is comfortable and to check the effectiveness of the iron on your hair type.  


Flat irons: the latest models on the market

Wet to dry

Those who only have a few minutes to spend on their hair in the morning will be happy to know that there are now wet-to-dry type flat irons designed to be used on damp or dry hair. “Warning!, emphasizes Mrs. St-Laurent from Chalut, there is no question here of using an iron on wet hair, but rather of saving a few precious minutes by rushing the hair dryer stage”.

Mini format

Whether to bring on a trip or in our sports bag, we know that we find flat irons in a format and at a mini price. Ms. Malouin points out that not only can you get a high-performance iron in this category, but the temperature can reach and exceed 400°F for some models. An idea: why not give one to your darling? Thus, we no longer risk looking for ours!

Not trivial design

With vibrant colors and tattoo or animal designs; manufacturers realized that a flat iron didn’t need to have a “flat” design to be perceived as effective. An aesthetic detail that your teenager should appreciate.

Green Choice

The good news, it is possible to rhyme coquetry and ecology. Indeed, the Rusk brand offers a flat iron with a device to reduce the energy consumed when not in use and which regains its maximum heat in a few seconds. Useful if you go out to get a second coffee in the kitchen or you run to answer the phone. On its website, the company also claims to advocate ecological production methods. It even seems that the packaging of the iron is made from 100% recycled materials.

And the price?

According to Christiane Malouin, you should expect to invest at least between $50 and $100 for a quality flat iron. You can find an iron at a lower price, but the reliability of the components and its efficiency could leave something to be desired. These are factors that should not be overlooked when you know that a good flat iron can last for several years.

The other advantage is that in addition to having a longer lifespan, a good flat iron should save us time because we will only have to pass it once on each strand rather than several times with a cheap iron. A strong argument for rushed mornings. Not to mention that with a good flat iron you will be sure to get smooth and shiny hair. Convinced?



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