Health Facts That Are No Longer Valid


6These Health Facts Are No Longer True

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If you think you know what’s good for your body, think again! Science has proved many of the most common health facts wrong.



A new study revealed the following mind blowing health facts that could totally change the game:




  1. Actually, the saying is, “Feed a cold, starve a fever, which makes far more sense.
    Number 3 was a surprise to me. My granddaughter played soccer in HS and we always made sure she had plenty of protein on game day 😳

    • @Sharon Peacock

      I’m a medical professional, but my mom knew this. When one has a fever, much of our internal resources go to keeping that ‘fire’ blazing. Less blood goes to the stomach and intestines, slowing down digestion, and just causes more problems, like constipation. Plenty of liquids, including light soups as well as cooling beverages like orange juice (with the healing vitamin, ‘C’), are the best.

  2. 50 grams of protein/day is the recommended allowance?? That is less than 2 ounces! Where does this « new » recommendation come from?

  3. There is no proof that vaccines work and there is a lot of proof there are unknown things in the vaccines. I am 70 years old and do not take any vaccines, and I would not recommend to anyone. The people I know who take the vaccines are less healthy than me.


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