Help, my hair lacks volume!


How to give volume to thin, flat hair? Advice from the pros.

Flat and fine hair is a real ordeal. To the point where some women practically give up on the idea of ​​doing their hair, knowing that their efforts will be wiped out in less than an hour. A good cut and proper care can do wonders to give volume and tone to fine hair. Conversely, with improper care, they could break and become even flatter.

A good shampoo

Hairstylists recommend washing fine hair daily to remove excess sebum that flattens hair. There are volumizing shampoos specially designed for this type of hair. Formulas based on oats and wheat protein have fortifying properties. To reduce static electricity, which tends to flatten the hair, rinse with ice water. Avoid conditioners that usually weigh hair down. However, there are “rev leave in” sprays without rinsing that give good results.

Styling fine hair

To give volume to a hairstyle, you can use styling mousse, gel, or even powder. Volumizing Styling Mousse should be applied to towel-dried hair. Less sticky than sprays and gels, it coats the hair and leaves it supple. It is applied from the root of the hair, avoiding the ends so as not to weigh them down. The gel, which is thicker and hardens more, should be placed on the base of the hair to give it volume.

Pascal Lamoureux, the hairstylist at Soho coiffure, particularly likes working with the powder that is sprinkled on dry hair. “The powder will dirty the clean hair and clean the dirty hair by drying out the sebum. In both cases, it makes the hair more malleable, easier to swell,” he explains, backcombing a strand of hair with his fingers.

A little trick: the use of styling mousse on dry hair helps to coat the hair and space out shampoos.



The drying is done with the ionic function to counter the static electricity which tends to flatten the hair. Set to medium heat and power, without the concentrator nozzle, then cool the dryer towards the end.

During drying, it is advisable to stimulate the roots in order to revitalize the hair. You can do it with your fingers by reversing the natural direction of the hair or using a “spider” type brush or a large round brush. You can also dry with your head down and then apply hairspray under the heat of the dryer so that the volume obtained stays in place.

The use of rollers is also a good idea to give volume… to those who have time to devote to their styling.

For very straight hair, use the curling iron to give volume to the ends. A light curl is enough to give a natural finish. We then lean the head forward to apply hairspray under the heat of the dryer.

Backcomb the hair

Backcombing is a surefire way to fluff up flat hair. The technique consists of lifting the hair strand by strand to comb it with a backcombing comb, in the direction of the scalp. We take the opportunity to spray hairspray on the roots. We prefer a hairspray with an extra-firm hold that does not freeze the hair. All that remains is to smooth the hair on top to hide the frizzy hair.

Coloring fine hair: yes and no

The coloring will give volume to fine hair, but will also have the effect of weakening it and making it brittle. It is, therefore, preferable to space the dyes and to choose products without ammonia or peroxide which are softer and less aggressive for the hair. Another way to spare your hair is to opt for locks every three months.

Yes to curls?

The curls will add volume to the hairline. The smaller the iron or roller used, the longer the curl will hold. A larger iron or roller will give the tip more volume, says Pascal Lamoureux.

Short and degraded cuts

Short haircuts with highlights and layers give the hair a voluminous look. Ideally, your hairdresser should cut your hair when it is dry in order to respect its fall and its implantation. It will thus be able to optimize the volume.

Our product suggestions

  • L’Oréal Professionnel Nature Series Cocoa Fine Hair Shampoo and Mask (in-salon)
  • Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Amplifying and Conditioning Shampoo, 250ml (in select salons, 1 866 UEMURA8)
  • Kérastase Volumactive Spray Treatment (in-salon)
  • Body & volume Garnier Fructis Instant Melting Mask, 250 ml ($4.99, in pharmacies)
  • Sunsilk leave-in anti-flat volumizing care, 200 ml (in pharmacies)
  • Body Boost Mousse by Garnier Fructis Style, 200 ml ($4.99, in pharmacies)
  • Volume Lift Root Volume Mousse Spray, L’Oréal Professionnel, 250 ml (in some pharmacies and in salons)
  • Thermoactive Texturizing Builder Spray, L’Oréal Professionnel (in-salon)
  • Pantene Pro-V Root Lifting Gel Spray (in pharmacies)
  • Pantene Pro-V Maximum Hold Humidity Volumizing Hairspray (pharmacy)



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