Here’s Why Doctors Recommend Eating Dates Every Day


5Dates Work Like a Charm on Your Entire Body


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Dates are a super food that confers countless benefits on the human body and brain. Actually, this dried fruit has been widely used to treat various diseases, not the least of which is cancer.



Besides, it’s an amazing source of energy, with a high fiber, potassium, manganese, magnesium and copper and vitamin B6 content. Here are four good reasons to eat dates every day for the rest of your life:




  1. No I do not eat dates as a rule. As a dried fruit it has more sugar and I am diabetic. Can the dates be eaten whole and undried? and still reap the benefits?
    I have eaten dark date nut bread a long time age..I really liked it.

  2. Dates are great! But I am concerned about sugar I eat them through out the day consuming 0.20 KG/day.As a type II diabetic my daily sugar level is 120-140 . fear I am raising level by 10 mg/dL. Cutting back but wish to continue at a lower intake

    • I am type 2 and I eat several a day and it doesn’t affect my blood sugar at all!! My sugars run between 70-110!!!

  3. Are certain types of dates better than others for their benefits? Please tell me Medjool dates are the best!
    My fav!

  4. Is there a certain type of date that is better for the benefits? Tell me Medjool dates, they are my favs!

  5. I do eat dried dates everyday with my cereal. I find it very rich, filling & healthy. I dint know so much health benefits of it though. Thanks for the info.


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