Learn the Difference between COVID-19, SARS and MERS!


6Scientists Revealed How COVID-19 Is Different from Its Modern Predecessors


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The COVID-19-causing virus was first transferred from animals to humans at a seafood market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, scientists believe. At a certain point, the virus started to spread across the local community. The sparking chain of transmission kept growing, until the virus became a threat to the international community. The characteristics of the novel coronavirus, along with modern international travel, enabled the virus to cross the borders of multiple countries, infecting over 200,000 individuals around the world within a few months. Recent updates suggest that the death toll has already topped 8,000. According to some reports, more than 100 people died so far in the U.S. because of the virus. However, the toll is expected to increase significantly in the days to come.





  1. Now be your article, leaving out some important information, that the Chinese in there market have live food that they don’t kill to you purchase. For example Bats, snakes birds etc. Their culture is more susceptible to viruses. Important information
    They eat things the rest world would never think of eating.

  2. Something that advanced so rapidly did not come from and animal per say, it had to be airborne for the reason why so many people got it at the same time and became violently ill. THIS WAS MAN MADE!!! Conspiracy???

  3. BS, the Chinese government notified the WHO four weeks after they noticed the first case…. they said it couldn’t be spread human to human…. they quarantined their police and military…. purchased ppe from around the world and then lied about how many have died. Let’s ask why if their death count is so low what do they have to stop the spread of this disease so quickly?? It’s time we all boycott all goods from China they obviously have a much different agenda “they are A communist country for Pete’s sake”….

  4. I believe it to be man made. The scientists in China formulated the virus and they wanted it to not only hurt the U.S. but also other countries. After all they still want to be the super power that the US has been for years. We need to help make our young people interested in USA made and start up the factories. My father was a PA steel mill worker the Republicans took their jobs by sending it overseas. The Government needs to stop spending so much and let the Americans pay less taxes. Most of our taxes here go for school. I have no children and I am retired and get no tax breaks. I am a retired government worker. My niece works in the ICU – she said that there are 9 strains of the virus and they all had a good chance of getting it even though they are covered from head to toe. STAY SAFE.


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