Learn Which Foods You Should Be Washing and Which You Shouldn’t


6These Are the Reasons You Should Not Wash Every Food

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Almost every one of us has been raised with the idea that you should wash and clean every food that you bring into your kitchen. This is why most people are shocked to find that there are actually some foods that do not need to be washed. We understand that it is important to rid your food of any impurities that might damage your family’s health.



But you might be surprised to learn that washing certain foods might actually be exposing you and your loved ones to serious health conditions. This is why it is crucial that you learn about which foods you should be washing, and which ones require other cleaning measures that do not involve exposing them to water.




  1. Thank you for the food washing tips. I never knew a thing about canned food. I always assumed the liquid part was supposed to be kept and used along with the food in it. For example, if the canned beans needed heating, then I would dump the whole contents of the can into the pot and heat it all. It never occurred to me to throw out the liquid. My mother did the same thing. Is this common practice?


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