Natural Antibiotics Offered By Mother Nature


6Try These Natural Antibiotics to Keep Illnesses at Bay

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Prior to the discovery of antibiotics, infections used to thrive in the human body until it can no longer survive them, which usually led to death. However, the overuse of antibiotics may result in antibiotic resistance – where the bacteria become immune to these drugs. That’s why you should allow your body the time to fight bacteria without any medication.


This is bound to improve your natural infection-fighting mechanisms and bolster your immunity. Here are some all-natural antibiotics you can try:




  1. Enjoyed your post, thank you! I use a recipe that has really seemed to help me. Have taken it for several years & one good thing for me has been almost NO sinus infection, which I was having at least every 3 months. Recipe is: Powerful Natural Antibiotic: Kills Any Infection In The Body

    Few differences in another of the same recipe
    Another that I have not tried: Fill Mason jar 2/3 full of dry ingredients (same as above, no measurements), pour in ACV to fill to top.
    Store tonic in frig. For max potency, let infuse 6 weeks. If you have a need, you can use the Master Tonic earlier. Take 1-2 Tbsp a few times a day as needed.


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