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Do you cultivate a small vegetable garden, large flower beds, or just a few potted herbs on the balcony? By making our own seedlings, we can explore unusual varieties. Whether you dream of biting into a blue tomato or a lemon cucumber, here’s where to stock up on seeds that are out of the ordinary.

This seed company from Kamouraska has made it its mission to rediscover – and to make people discover – the forgotten delights and the richness of the plant heritage from here and elsewhere.

Examples: “Moroccan watercress” lettuce (resistant and with a chewy flavor), “yellow peach” tomato (whose fruit is covered in down, like a peach), painted mountain corn (decorative and also edible) …

The Ecumene Gardens

A fine selection of organic seeds is produced in the mountainous lands of Saint-Damien, in Lanaudière. Here you can find rare vegetables, berries, aromatic herbs, and edible flowers.

Examples: lemon cucumber (in the shape of a lemon), purple tomatillo (the essential of Mexican salsas), edible chrysanthemum (the flower and the leaves are eaten)…

Solana Seeds

If you like tomatoes, you will be served: Semences Solana offers more than 200 varieties! There is also an abundance of heirloom vegetables, unusual herbs, and exotic flowers.

Examples: “blue P20” tomato (a rarity with a purplish color), green Thai eggplant (with a long tender green fruit), “Variegata” pepper (with variegated foliage and multicolored small fruits).


It is undoubtedly the most impressive catalog of aromatic plants and medicinal herbs: there are more than sixty varieties of mint, thirty kinds of lavender… We appreciate the detailed sheets, with the properties and uses of each plant. In English only.

Examples: Fragrant Butterfly lavender (magenta, with petals resembling butterfly wings), basil purple ruffles (large serrated purple leaves), loofah (a gourd to be dried to obtain vegetable sponges)…

Bullion Farm

Located in Saint-André-d’Argenteuil, Ferme de Bullion offers a great diversity of certified organic seeds. There are mainly vegetables, but also aromatic herbs, flowers, and a selection of ground covers.

Examples: “starry sky” melon (an old Russian variety), “bright red de Stampe” squash (the fruit looks like a wheel of cheese), “dragon’s tongue” beans (mauve striped cream pod)…

Rare exotic seeds

With its seeds of bonsai, carnivorous plants, and palm trees, here is a catalog that will succeed in surprising even the most jaded of gardeners. There are many tropical plants to grow indoors, but also perennials and annuals that will be happy in our gardens.

Examples: pink pampas grass (a beautifully colored variant of a very popular grass in our gardens), passionflower (an exotic vine to grow as a houseplant, which produces an edible fruit), stevia (a growing herb no longer used as a sugar substitute)…

When to order?

The planting season is in full swing and seed companies know it well: they are quick to process orders. Although some indicate a delay of 7 to 10 working days (to which is added the delivery time), we received most of our orders in less than a week. However, if we are tight on time (for example for our tomato seedlings, which must be done before mid-April), it is better to contact customer service and find out about the deadlines before placing the order.

How much does rarity cost?

Whether unusual or common, seeds are sold in packets that cost $1 to $4, rarely more. It is on the quantity that we notice a difference: for example, a bag of 10 seeds of P20 blue tomato costs $2.99, whereas we will have two or three times more for a more common variety. Unless you’re growing on a very large scale, you won’t see a big difference in the total, since you’re only ordering one sachet anyway.


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