Summer is ruining my hair!


With the heat and humidity, our hair has taken on a new personality. A short guide to taming summer hair problems.

1. Flat, lifeless hair

In summer, the metabolism accelerates and the body gives off more heat. The scalp then becomes wetter and the secretion of sebum increases, which weighs down the hair. The presence of humidity in the air can also crush the hair, which loses volume. Added to this are external aggressions, such as wind, sun, pollution, and chlorinated water, which cause it to lose its tone.

Instant solution: to instantly restore volume to flat and dull locks, we spray our hair with hairspray.
Pro tip: we lift our hair at the root with our fingers, then we spray the product by leaning our head forward to give more breadth to our hair.
We love Dove Pro-Age Fullness & Density Therapy Finishing Spray ($3.99). A few sprays on the roots are enough to obtain appreciable volume, long-lasting hold, and natural movement, without a sticky effect.

Prevention: to prevent our hair from flattening, the ideal is to use a volumizing styling product, which acts at the roots.

Pro tip: backcombing adds a lot of volume to flat hair. Lift small sections of hair, gently brush them towards the scalp, then smooth and camouflage the backcombing by combing the tops of the strands. Another expert tip for the mornings when you don’t wash your hair: tilt your head forward and direct the dryer towards the roots to loosen them from the scalp and reactivate styling products. at
We love Body Envy Volumizing Mousse, from Herbal Essences ($2.99). On dry or damp hair, apply the equivalent of a tennis ball to this creamy mousse. Our hair will look thick and full all day.

The prices shown are subject to change.
2. SOS oily hair

As we spend more time outdoors during the hot season, the wind, dust, and perspiration attack the hair and the scalp, which defends itself by producing excess sebum.

Quick solution: to give a little pep to our hairstyle without getting our heads wet, we opt for a dry shampoo. Easy to use, this hypoallergenic product well known to campers absorbs excess oil from hair and restores a clean look in minutes. Don’t have the product on hand? A little talc dusted at the root will have the same effect. We then shake our mane to remove all traces of powder.
We like Sebum-regulating dry shampoo, from Klorane ($14.99 for 150 ml, in pharmacies). To bring lightness and volume to our hairstyle, we shake the bottle well and spray the powder 30 cm from the roots. Leave on for two minutes, then brush to remove residue.

Prevention: the best way to prevent excess sebum during periods of intense heat is to sanitize the scalp with a balancing shampoo, which reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Pro tips: we shampoo our hair gently, without rubbing, to avoid weakening the roots and causing an overproduction of sebum. We avoid brushing our hair too often because the sebum then goes down to the ends, which makes the hair appear greasy.
We like Aveda Scalp Benefits Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner ($21.50 for 250 ml each; info: %1-800-689-1066). A formula that regulates sebum secretion, moisturizes, and nourishes the scalp while eliminating residue from styling products.

The prices shown are subject to change. 

3. Dull, dry hair

Under the sun, chemically treated hair (coloring, highlights, and perms) takes it for the cold. The ugly duo of sun and salt or chlorinated water dulls the color and dries out the hair. If our summer activities cause us to wash our hair more frequently, this also contributes to the problem, because too frequent washing deprives the hair fiber of the lubrication of the sebum and its natural hydration.

Quick solution: to nourish and hydrate our thirsty strands, we opt for a very rich hair moisturizer, which beautifies them upon application and strengthens the hair fiber over time.
Pro Tip: if you plan to spend several hours in the sun, wear a hat or a scarf to prevent the sun from dulling the shine of colored hair.
We like Nutricerat ultra-nutritious daily emulsion, from Ducray ($19 for 100 ml, in pharmacies). On dry or damp hair, apply this daily leave-in treatment before styling on dry ends and lengths. Thanks to the illipe butter it contains, the hair regains hydration, shine, and suppleness.

Prevention: after a day in the sun, we coat our hair with a highly moisturizing repair mask which at the same time forms a protective shield against UV rays.

Pro Tip: If we spend our days by the pool, rinsing with cool water between swims will greatly reduce the damage caused by chlorine.
We like: SOlar sublime high nutrition renovating balm, from L’Oréal Professionnel ($27 for 200 ml, in the salon; info: % 1-800-361-1861). The vitamin E in this mask repairs and detangles hair after sun exposure, while the protective ingredient it contains absorbs and blocks UV rays. Say goodbye to breakage and coarse hair!

And …. to put the odds on our side, when styling, we choose a product that seals the hydration of the hair and protects it from humidity, pollution, and the sun.

We like Weather Works Weather-Proofing Protective Styling Cream, by John Frieda ($9.99 for 115 ml, in drugstores and supermarkets). We pour a small amount of cream into our palms, rub our hands to emulsify the product, and distribute it over all of the damp hair. The hair cuticle is smoothed, the hair hydrated.

The prices shown are subject to change.

4. Crazy and frizzy!

You have to get used to it, summer is synonymous with humidity. Airborne water particles settle on the hair, which becomes frizzy and unruly. If our hair waves, it will be more prone to frizz, but no one is immune to crazy little hair that stands up in all directions!

One-Minute Solution: For frizz-free styling in minutes, simply spray unruly strands with a non-greasy, silicone-based serum.
Pro tip: direct the jet from mid-length to the ends, where the hair tends to expand, then smooth well with your hands.
We like: Shine spray No frizz, from TRESemmé ($5.49 for 125 ml, in pharmacies and supermarkets). This lightweight silicone mist helps smooth and control flyaways without weighing hair down or making it look greasy.

Prevention: the ideal is to use a styling product that defines the curls.

Pro tip: if you don’t have a styling product on hand, spray your hair with water, comb it with a long-toothed comb and let it dry without touching anything to prevent the curls from splitting and do not expand.
We like Fascinating curls gel and cream twists, from Sunsilk ($3.69 for 150 ml, in drugstores and supermarkets). A mix of gel and cream that lets curls flourish while supporting them enough to keep them from sagging.

Smooth at all costs!

If you want to show ultra-smooth hair even on hot days, it is better to choose a styling cream based on moisturizers and light silicones, which will prevent humidity from

We like Ultra-straight leave-in cream, from Pantene Pro-V ($6.49 for 300 ml, in pharmacies and supermarkets). Apply this ultra-hydrating cream with a long-toothed comb to damp hair, then style as usual.



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