Unexpected Food Items That Could Poison You After Reheating


6When Reheated, These Foods Become a Major Health Hazard

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Sometimes, you might crave one of those meals that were not created with single folks in mind. So, you just reach for your microwave to reheat the leftovers, instead of tossing them.



However, you should know that some kinds of food present a serious health hazard if re-exposed to the high heat. Below is a list of the foods you should never reheat after the original preparation:




  1. I have eaten all of the above foods reheated. I have never had any bad side effects and believe that if you refrigerate all foods after eating, uncovered in fridge until completely cooled and then cover, there will be no problem.jennfer

  2. I believe you are really off base about your advice regarding re-heating potatoes!!! My beloved grandmother lived to be 97 and had no serious health issues until she fell and broke a hip (then got an infection while in the hospital and passed away. She spent nearly all of her adult life boiling up a large black cast iron pot full of potatoes every week (washed but skins left on). The potatoes were drained, left in the pot and hung on a large hook halfway down the cellar steps. Skins were removed and the potatoes were sliced or chunked and fried (in butter, lard, or bacon grease) for at least one, sometimes two meals per day. Abslutely delicious!! My grandfather and a great uncle who resided with them also both lived into their 90’s. My twin sisters (2 yrs. old) and myself (4 yrs old) lost our parents in an accident and were raised by our grandparents. We are now 79 and 83 and all of us still boil and fry potatoes much the same as grandmother did, with the exception of no cast iron pot and no cellar stairs so they get stored in the fridge. And NOT while they are still hot or they sweat and get watery. Bottom line= NO ONE IN ANY OF OUR FAMILIES HAS EVER GOT ANY STOMACH UPSET OR BECOME SICK AFTER EATING POTATOES THIS WAY.

  3. I make egg casseroles with canned or frozen spinach chicken, onions etc and any other stuff I have to throw in. 5 eggs 1 cup milk. Bake it, cut it into squares and heat it up every night for the rest of the week along with mushrooms, chicken, etc.

  4. This food is also canned, I heat up canned spinach, chicken, potatoes, everything you mentioned. No side effects here.

  5. All of us in my family would have died because we ate reheated (three times or more) spinach or food. For one thing we did not have refrigerator when I was growing up. My family, I and most people from my corner of the globe, still do eat and enjoy reheated spinach meals. Thanks for sharing. « where the hat fits, let them wear it »

  6. I second all previous comments and have always reheated and eaten all these foods without any problems whatsoever, ditto my mother and grandmother before me.

  7. Have eaten left overs all my life (all but the spinach) and I will be 77 next month!
    Can’t remember ever having gotten ill from food! Maybe it is my cast iron gut!!

  8. What foolishness, not worth the time it took to read it. In these busy times, I doubt anyone can cook just enough for 1 meal.


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