Unhealthy Breakfast Options You Should Avoid at All Costs


7These Breakfast Foods Do More Harm Than Good

These Breakfast Foods Do More Harm Than Good

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Here is a question for breakfast lovers out there: Who doesn’t try to include healthy and delicious food in their breakfast?



Fruit juice drinks, butter toasts, muffins, protein bars, low-fat flavored yogurts, etc., they all seem like healthy options to include in your morning meal, don’t they? Surprisingly, they are among the worst choices out there.

Following are six breakfast choices that do you more harm than good.




  1. with all the types of foods out there,i feel like people can’t eat the right foods anymore.seem like most food is to really bad to to people survive if they can’t eat certain foods they want to eat.

  2. Good info re breakfast foods. I eat several of the foods you recommend not to, but not daily. Once in a while coconut pancakes, Ezekial muffins with some butter and one or two other items. My cereal is oat meal but now and then shredded wheat type cereal. No muffins or donuts etc. The one item I will cut out based on your article is fruit juice and processed cereals. Thanks for your info.

  3. When it come to pancakes, is there a difference between pancakes made from scratch versus the ready made versions frozen in packages from the supermarket. From scratch, for example, I mean flour from a bag and not from a general purpose Baking Mix. (We all know how almost all of our food is processed today.)

  4. Well, just shoot me now; it’s a wonder I’m not dead already. Ignorance is bliss, and now I’m totally depressed. Off to see what kind of anti-depressants you’ll allow me to take. Sigh

    • This article is ridiculous. Any of those things in moderation is okay. 3 slices of buttered or even non-buttered toast is not so great, 1 slice is no biggie. Pancakes, muffins (they should be considered cake a this point), and waffles eaten are big calorie and carb hits. As an occasional breakfast they are fine. Oatmeal, eggs, fruit, non-fat yogurt, nuts, that sort of thing are higher protein and complex carbs. Pancakes from scratch are no better than mixes with regard to carbs and fat, although you can control for fat more. Many other cultures eat very differently than we do in the morning with what we consider non-breakfast types of foods some of which are equally high in carbs such as congee (rice gruel – Chinese) and laksa (coconut rice soup – Malaysian), roti chanai, roti telur (fried bread with egg – Malaysian/Indian).

  5. Just who decides what food is bad or good. Mr. Steven Steven, what credentials does he have or what paper does he have on the wall? Hell, I will be careful and not indulge too much on the taboo foods. I will live til I die and will eat good food.

  6. Instead of being negative and telling us what to avoid – how about some suggestions on what to eat and please consult Indian, Chinese, Malay food experts


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