Wonderful Uses of Egg Shells You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner


5Stop Throwing Egg Shells Right Away

Wonderful Uses of Egg Shells You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

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Eggs are either healthy or unhealthy, depending on who you ask. But today, we will talk about the amazing benefits of egg shells.


If you prepare an omelet for breakfast, you may be left with at least four egg shells. Most people would trash those, but you will never throw another egg shell after knowing what we know. Read on to discover more about the amazing uses of egg shells:





  1. From as far back as I can remember, Late 1940s and early 1950s, my grandmother put ground up egg shells, coffee grounds and used tea leaves in her flower beds. She had some of the prettiest, and brightest colored roses on our block!!

    • I DO prefer to run mine through a coffee grinder before putting them in the garden. The much smaller pieces and the resulting powder get into the ground much faster!

    • I am wondering the same thing, as we have to be so careful with egg whites..I don’t see an answer here. I also wonder if eating egg shells is going to cause stomach cramping…? I am not an egg eater; the closest I come to eating an egg is in a custard pie! If at a summer gathering and there is potato salad, I hope there are no eggs in it; if there are and it finds it’s way onto my fork, well, it’s history.
      I do like the gardening idea though!! I hope Geraniums enjoy them! lol

    • I never do, but I have not been taking them internally.
      But I can’t see why they should be, unless they are left on the counter to dry and you have bugs in in your house! I leave mine on top of the toaster oven to dry before putting them in the coffee grinder!
      I don’t have bugs!!

  2. do you have any recommendations for removing bags under eyes? loved your above comments, I bake and always have dozens of egg shells. thank you very much

  3. My mother always did that and had the best garden in town every year. She absolutely loved her garden.
    So did the neighbors.

  4. We save our egg shells year-round for the garden. Snails and slugs don’t like to cross them and the plants love them! Good for strawberries and rhubarb!

  5. Wow Thanks for the information. I’ve been trying to get rid of the snails of my plants for years! And I didn’t want to use chemicals. Something so simple and helping the environment that actually works!

    • Boric acid is sold as a cockroach killer. It does get into the roach’s joints.
      So the very ground up dry eggshells should do the same thing
      It may work. Try it. It should not harm your curious good animals. Including curious children.
      The boric acid is not good internally for much I do not think.

  6. You should boil the egg shells to kill any bacteria or Salmonella before adding to food. It is also a great calcium source for our feathered friends.
    Also make sure you get adequate vitamin D.

  7. There is some good information on this I had forgotten about the eggs shell and what it can do love this page

  8. witch came first the shell or the egg ? why did the egg shell cross the road ? add egg shells to powered eggs holy cow ! …. what next ?

  9. I give my eggshells crushed up to my dog on top of his raw food for calcium, along w/fish oil too.
    Will try adding it to my flowers znd strawberries too, Thank U for the tip!!!

  10. I like to save my egg shells in a large mayonnaise bottle in my refrigerator. When the bottle is full I put them into my food processor and grind them up into a powder. I then add them to my watering can and water my vegetables and flower plants around their base, on top of the soil and let the magic feeding begin. I use the 32oz. empty mayonnaise bottles. I live on the island of BERMUDA. MY garden loves it!! November 7,2019. Maxine E. Saunders.


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